Thursday, July 26, 2007

Unrivaled Passion

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check out this video of the better times
Good Evening from New York City!!!

John and i have made it safely to the big apple and our enjoying our first day since Nevada!!!! I think everyone would agree that we needed these days of rest. It will certainly rejuvenate us to spend some time with friends and share stories over beers and laughs....

Our trek up the Atlantic coast has been truly special. We cycled through northern Virginia and made our way to the nations capital!!! In DC we made a visit to the national monument and the lincoln memorial! It was a great place to visit, especially considering John and I had just seen the diverse communities and vast landscapes of the United States. To be honest, it was in DC that John and I finally felt that we actually biked across country, it was a remarkbale feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment....From DC we biked to my old hometown of Baltimore Maryland and got to go back to my old house and my old school. It was a special moment for me and it is exactly what this trip is all about!

Anyways, John and I are here in NYC and we will be heading to CT on saturday morning! Last nigh we went out to dinner at a resaurant where one of our friends works and another amazing moment occured. We sat down next to a couple who's daughter had cycled across the country. Immediately, they were interested in our travels, and we ended up having a great conversation with them throughout the entire meal. To our surprise, when the couple left, they ended up paying for our dinner! Can you believe that? It was such a mitzvah as we would say in Judaism, and it is one of the stories john and i will never forget. As some of you know, today is my birthday and i am being called away from the computer to celebrate!!!! John and I will keep treking to maine with passion and dedication!!!! We love ya all,

Noah & John

Weight Update:

John and I have officially lost 20 lbs on the trip.....However, we are very attractive/bearded men!!!! How you doin?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A very happy hello from Charlottesville VA!

As some of you know, i was just in Charlottesville in April to visit my good friend Brian Katzenberg, and it is so good to be back here on the campus of University of Virginia! Thanks to Brian, John and I are staying at his old frat house (SPE) for the night and i promise i won't let John drink too many beers! We may even hit the town's been a while

We arrived today off of the Blue Ridge Parkway, which is one of the most beautiful roads in the Appalachian mountains. As always in Virginia, we got rained on and it was quite a trek through the mountainous terrain with strong winds and heavy rain. The Appalachian mountains were very steep at times and offered a good challenge. As it turns out, i threw up some tomato juice as i was climbing one of the steep hills, but i made it to the top regardless(duh)....Be sure to check out the photos John puts up, they were taken right before it started to rain.....

I want to share with you another amazing story of generosity that occurred last night in Lexington Virginia. John and I had just finished our longest mileage day of the trip (116) and were sitting on the side of the road in Lexington trying to figure out where we were going to stay for the night. Before you know it, we were approached by a couple walking to dinner named David & Catherine. David is the head geology professor at Washington & Lee University and I am not really sure what Catherine does, but she was quite a cool chick. Anyways, they opened their homes to us, gave us showers and beds, and even took us out to dinner at a nice Bistro in Town!! I know i have said this before, but John and I continue to be amazed with the amount of gracious hospitality given by people all across the country. Strangers turn into people that John and i will remember forever. Moreover, John and I remain in their memories forever and the bond we shared for that one evening is what makes this kind of trip truly special and unique.....

I must say that John and I are amazed that we are in Virginia. Tomorrow we start our trek North up the Atlantic Coast and are trying to be in New York City by July 26th (My birthday by the way) We hope to see all of you soon, take good care.........

P.S. Mike---if you are reading this blog, we are taking the short cut and we printed out the route from your blog...thanks so much

---BDS-----thanks for all the messages.....we will see you in Boston soon enough...We hope you are having a wonderful summer!!!!

much love

NOah & John

Monday, July 16, 2007

Can you say Virginia?!!!!!!

I have to be quick as John and I are using the Internet in a Pizza Parlor in Damascus Virginia.....We spent the day climbing the steep but beautiful Appalachian mountains!!! We are spending the night at a hostel here in town known as "The Place." It is a house behind a church and is full of other hikers and bikers making their way through the Appalachian trail.....

It feels good to be on the east coast, John and I are baffled by our progress and stay by the phone as we will be making our way up the East Coast soon enough!!!!! We have to run as my calzone is hot out of the oven.....We miss you all

For the record, John and I still have not prepared.